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Is it free?

The use of the website as well as the mobile app are free. You can organize a contest with up to 20 people completely free.

This limit can then be extended with paid extensions.

The Enterprise version is an enhanced version of the standard version, dedicated to organizations.

What do I win if I win a contest?

If you win a contest on PronoContest, you will win fame and respect from your competitors.

Is it possible to bet money on the website?

No, you can't bet money on PronoContest because of legal restrictions applied in France about betting games.

Is there a mobile app?

The PronoContest mobile app is available

What are the competitions I can forecast on?

On PronoContest, you can forecast on many of the ongoing major football and rugby competitions : national championships, but also continental and world cups.

You can find the list of available competitions on the homepage as well as on the public contests list.

How are competition games updated?

Games' result is updated automatically when a game is starting, a goal is score or when the game is over.
Each of these events triggers the computing of points for all predictions associated with the game as well as the computing of the ranking.


How many people can join a contest?

When you create a private contest, the number of participants to the contest is limited to 20. Public contests include an unlimited number of participants.

If your contest involves more than 20 participants, you can increase this limit by 20 additional users.

How to join a contest ?

To join a contest, first you need to register on the website. You can then access to the public open contests, as well as joining a private contest, by providing the private key you got. Alternatively, you can create your own contest. All these actions can be done from your profile page.

Who can access private contests?

Only contest members can access a private contest. No other user or website visitor can view or interact with it.

Can I participate to several contests ?

Yes, you can participate to as many contests as you want to, whether they are public or private. Moreover, it is possible to participate to differents contests about the same competition as well.

Public and private contests: what is the difference?

Access to public contests is open to anyone, provided the contest is open.

On the other hand, you need a key to join a private contest. The key can be given to you by a contest admin.

Tip : only website admins can create public contests. Private contests can be created by any confirmed user.

Can my participation to a private contest be refused?

When you join a private contest, your participation can be rejected by a contest admin. In this case, you do not participate to the contest anymore.

What is a contest admin and what is his role?

A contest admin has to invite other teams members to join him.He defines the contest's point scale.

There can be several admins in a contest. Moreover, only a contest admin can name another contest member as an admin. In this case, the designated contest.

Tip : when you create a contest, you are its administrator.

How to invite other participants to join a prediction contest I created?

To invite other users to join your private predictions contest, a few choices are available to you, via the "Actions" button present on the contest page:

  • Share the invitation link onto Facebook.
  • Send an invitation email through your messaging app.

Alternatively, you can copy the registration link to non-registered users from the "Rules" tab to share it as you wish, or even simply share the contest key, which they will need to fill in from their profile page. once registered.

Tip: you must be a contest admin to be allowed to launch invitations.

How to manage the participants of a contest?

From the contest page, click the "Manage members" entry in the Actions drop-down menu to access the membership management page.

From this page you can:

  • Delete a user's participation in the contest.
  • Add bonus or penalty points individually to contest participants.
  • Designate other participants as Contest Admins.

How to create my own contest?

You can create your contest very simply, from the "Create" tab, displayed in the bottom of your profile page. Just select a competition to forecast on, give your contest a name, and click on the "Create" button.

How to participate to a public contest?

To participate to a contest, you just need to click the "Participate" button, which is located in front of the list of competitions, or you can go to the contest page and click on this very same button.

Tip : once a competition is over, you cannot participate to the contest.

How to access the list of contests to which I participate?

When you click on the "Contests" button at the top of the page, the list of your contests is shown.

Alternatively, your contests' list is displayed on your user profile page.

How to leave a contest?

You can choose to leave a contest at any time, by going to the contest's page, "Rules" button at the bottom of the page, and after having confirmed your choice. Your participation to the contest, as well as all your associated predictions are then deleted.

How to delete a contest I created?

To delete a contest you have created, go to the contest page, "Settings > Rules" tab. A section "Delete the contest" appears at the bottom of the page, if at least one of these 2 conditions is fulfilled:

  • There was no prognosis of evaluated on the contest.
  • You are the only participant in the contest.

Then click on the "Delete" button and confirm your choice to permanently erase the contest.

How to exclude certain games?

To exclude certain games from the contest, go to the Contest edit page, "Matches" tab, and select the matches you do not want to see. The selected matches will no longer appear on the contest.

Tip: It is possible to redisplay excluded games during the competition, for example, to redisplay final matches once the groups stage is over.

On some games, the name of the teams does not appear, is this normal?

Yes that's normal, especially for games in the tournament phase. The names of the teams of the games concerned will be updated automatically by the application as the competition progresses.

How are the best attack and the best defense of the competition defined?

The best attack of a competition is the team that scores the most goals for the duration of the competition, regardless of the number of games played. In the same way, the best defense is the team that has conceded the least amount of goals, no matter how many games they have played.

In the event of a tie, the tied teams are entitled to the points at stake.


How to make my predictions ?

You first need to participate to the contest.
Then go to the "Predictions" tab and for each game, define both teams' score, either with the "+" and "-" buttons, or by writing it directly in the input box.

On the competitions for which predictions on teams are enabled, you can access them by going to the "Predictions" tab, "Teams" sub-tab. Hover over each line, to bring up the edit button and click on it, then select the team of your choice.

Can I modify a prediction I have already done on a game?

Yes, you can modify your predictions that you have already made on a game, provided that the game hasn't started yet.

Until when can I predict on the games?

By default, you can make predictions until the start time of a game. However, once it has been reached, you can't make any more predictions on the game.

On contests for which the " Bets on games closed" parameter is set to "At the beginning of the competition", once the first match of the competition has started, you can not predict any match.

Until when can I predict on the teams?

By default, you can predict on the teams at any time until the start time of the first match of the competition. Once the competition has started, it is no longer possible to forecast teams.

However, a contest administrator may decide to delay this deadline. In any case, the closing date of the teams' forecasts is displayed in the "Rules" tab, on the "Bets on the teams" line.

How can I see other users' predictions ?

You can see the predictions of each user individually from the selection list that appears under the "Predictions" tab on the contest page.

By default, you can access other users' predictions for a match and on a contest to which you participate once the match is started. Predictions on teams will be visible once the competition has started.

On contests for which the "Other players' predictions visible" parameter is set to "At any time", the predictions of other players are visible at any time.

Do the predictions on the teams depend on the predictions I make on the games? Are they done automatically?

No, the predictions on the teams are completely independent of the predictions you make on the matches. You have to do it yourself.

How are the predictions managed when a match is canceled?

When a match is canceled, the predictions made on this match are also canceled and are not taken into account in the contest ranking.

When are the predictions on teams evaluated?

The moment when predictions on teams are evaluated depend on their nature:

  • For predictions on the 1st and 2nd in a pool, the predictions are evaluated during the last match of the pool concerned.
  • For predictions of the best attack, the best defense and the winner of the competition, the predictions are evaluated during the last match of the competition.

Should I have predicted just on a given match to be able to predict then on a match that depends on it?

No, it is not necessary to have just predicted at one match to be able to predict another match. Each match is independent from the others. For example, you can go wrong on the round of 16 and earn points on the quarter-finals afterwards.

Is it possible to predict the extra time or penalty shoot-out only, or the winner of a match in case of penalty shoot-out or extra time?

No, these possibilities are not proposed. Refer to the question "How are points counted in case of draw extra-time or penalties?" for more details.


What are the different points attribution modes?

There are 3 distinct attribution modes:

  1. In Points scale mode, points are given according to the points scale which is displayed on the contest page.
  2. In Fixed odds mode, points are set ahead of each match.
  3. In Percentage of predictions against you, points are given according to the percentage of predictions which result is different from yours, among all site's predictions. For example, if you have made a good prediction giving the home team winner, and 36% of predictions have given the same result as your prediction's, you win 100 - 36 = 64 points.

About these last 2 modes:

  • No points are given or taken for bad predictions.
  • Exact scores can multiply points given by a factor from a 1 to 5 range, according to the contest's settings.

How are the points scales working?

A default points scale is automatically defined when a contest is created, but a group admin can modify it at any time. The points scale defines the number of points given to participants for a prediction when a game is over, depending on the step of the competition in which the match occurs (pools, championship, quarter finals, etc.), and in the following cases : good prediction, bad prediciton, exact result.

  • A good prediction is given when the game result has been found ('1', '2' ou 'N').
  • On the contrary, a bad prediction while the game result hasn't been found.
  • An exact score bonus is given when the exact number of goals for each team has been found . Points from an exact score are cumulated with points from a good prediction.

Game results are defined automatically for your predictions, depending on the number of goals/points you'd have given to each team for the game.

Moreover, on rugby games, the Tolerance parameter allows to define a given amount of points between the prediction and the real score for each team, for the prediction's exact score to be validated.

How does tolerance work on exact scores?

On sports other than football (rugby, basketball), tolerance is a parameter set at the contest level that allows you to earn additional points, even if the score is not exactly accurate in comparison to the real score, but is close to it.

For example, for a contest with a tolerance of 4 and a match whose final score would be 17-18:

  • Predictions 13-14, 17-22, 13-22 will be counted as exact, as the predicted result is the right one and the difference in points between the predicted score and the actual score is less than or equal to 4 for each team.
  • On the contrary, the predictions 18-17, 18-18 or 21-14 will not be, because here the result of the match is different from that predicted, or the difference in points is too big.

Can I modify the points scale on an ongoing contest?

A contest admin can modify the points scale, or any setting related to points allocation, as long as the competition is not over and there is no game ongoing. Points asociated with each prediciton, as well as participants' ranking, are recomputed according to your new settings.

Tip: That operation might take a while on a crowded contest, use it wisely.

How are points counted in case of draw extra-time or penalties?

  • On championships and contests on which the end of game is set to "Regulatory time", the score is taken into account at the end of the 90th minute. In case of extra-time, the match result is a draw.
  • On cups and tournaments, if the "End of game" setting is set to "Extra time", the score is taken into account at the end of the 120th minute. In case of penalties, the match result is a draw.

How is computed a contest's ranking?

Contests' participants are ranked by the following criteria. If two participants are equal on a given criterion, we look at the next criterion to define a winner:

  1. The sum of cumulated points along the contest.
  2. The number of good results found over the contest's matches.
  3. The number of exact scores found over the contest's matches.
  4. The participation date, sorted from the oldest to the newest.

The contest ranking is automatically re-computed after each game start, goal on an ongoing game, and game over.

Is it possible to award points in case of a good goal difference on a match?

No, this possibility is not proposed. On the matches, points can only be earned by predicting the right result or the right score.


How to update my password?

You can reset your password at any time, by going to your user profile page, "password" tab.

I have forgotten my password. How to get it back?

If you have forgotten your password and you can't log in, you can ask for a new one at any time, from the password reset page. an e-mail containing a link will be sent to you. All you need to do is to follow this link to generate a new password.

Why do I have to validate my e-mail address ?

To receive the summary of your notifications by e-mail, you must follow the validation link sent to you when you registered. This procedure allows us to avoid falling into the spams folder.

I haven't received any validation e-mail. How can I confirm my e-mail address?

If you haven't received a validation link as soon as you registered, wait a few moments, time for the mail to reach your mailbox.

Alternatively, you can send the validation email once again by clicking on the « Send » button, located on the edit page of your profile, « Email » tab.

How do notifications work?

Whenever there is an event occurring on PronoContest, a notification is created for you, to inform you about it. When you have new notifications, their count is displayed just next to the "Alerts" button, in the main navigation bar. When hovering the button, your notifications are displayed. Click on one of them, for it to be marked as "read" and doesn't show up again.

You will receive a notification in the following cases :

  • One of your predictions has been updated.
  • Your prediction is missing from an upcoming game.
  • Your ranking has been updated (you have lost or won positions).
  • A contest to which you participate is over.
  • There are new messages on a contest to which you participate.
  • You have won a medal
  • A new competition is available.
  • A new blog article has been published.

What is the notification e-mail?

The notification e-mail is sent to you automatically at the frequency yo have selected in your profile, among these choices : daily or weekly.

The notification e-mail contains the following items:

  • The incoming matches upon which you haven't made a predictions yet.
  • The list of your other unread alerts.

Tip: if this feature is not activated, no notification e-mail will be sent.

How to modify my profile picture?

To edit your profile picture, go to the edit page of your profile, and upload the image of your choice in the box provided.

How to delete my account?

you can cancel your account at any time, from your user profile edit page, "Account" tab.

Tip : this action will delete your data, including the contests you are member of and your predictions.

What are the medals?

Medals are rewards that you pick up by performing certain performances on the app. They are displayed on your profile page:

  • Medal of the Predictor: depends on your percentage of good predictions on the matches.
  • Medal of the Supporter: awarded according to the number of your predictions.
  • Medal of the Winner: awarded if you win a contest.
  • Medal of the Commentator: when posting messages on a contest thread.
  • Medal of the Organizer: reserved for those who organized contests.

For each of these medals, 4 levels are possible, from the simplest to the most difficult:

  • Budding: the default level, when you start.
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
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