Frequently Asked Questions

All questions you may wonder about


How to find my password and how to update it?

Your password is generated automatically when you register, and is sent to you by e-mail at this moment. Keep it somewhere safe, because after that, we will not be able to send it you back.

However, you can reset your password at any time, by going to your user profile page, "password" tab.

I have forgotten my password. How to get it back?

If you have forgotten your password and you can't log in, you can ask for a new one at any time, from the paswword reset page. an e-mail containing a link will be sent to you. All you need to do is to follow this link to generate a new password.

Why do I have to confirm my e-mail address ?

To lmimit spam, and being able to communicate with you, you need to provide a valid e-mail address while registerng. Then we send you a confirmation e-mail. All you need to do is to follow the link included in this e-mail, to confirm your e-mail address.

Tip : if you register by following the link sent to you by e-mail by one of your friends, this step is validated automatically.

I haven't received any confirmation e-mail. How can I confirm my e-mail address?

I haven't reeived any confirmation e-mail just after having registered on the website, wait for a few minutes, and check your spam "spam" folder. If after that, you still haven't received anything, you can re-trigger the confirmation e-mail sending by clicking on the "Confirm" button, from your user profile page. A new e-mail will be sent to you. All you need to do after that is to follow the link sent in this e-mail.

How to delete my account?

you can cancel your account at any time, from your user profile edit page, "Account" tab.

Tip : this action cannot be reverted, and will delete your data, including the groups you are member of and your predictions.

How do notifications work?

Whenever there is an event occurring on PronoContest, a notification is created for you, to inform you about it. When you have new notifications, their count is displayed just next to the "Alerts" button, in the main navigation bar. When hovering the button, your notifications are displayed. Click on one of them, for it to be marked as "read" and doesn't show up again.

You will receive a notification in the following cases :

  • A new competition is available.
  • A contest to which you participate is over.
  • There are new messages on a contest to which you participate.
  • One of your predictions has been updated, on contest to which you participate.

What is the notification e-mail?

The notification e-mail is sent to you automatically at the frequency yo have selected in your profile, among these choices : daily or weekly. If this functionality is not activated, no notification e-mail will be sent.

The notification e-mail contains the following items:

  • The list of your unread alerts.
  • The incoming matches upon which you haven't made predictions yet, for the ongoing day or week.
  • The new articles published on PronoContest's blog, from the previous day or week.

How to e-mail opt-out completely from PronoContest?

You can choose to not receive anymore e-mails from us at any time. From your profil edit page, "Profile", by checking the box "Do not receive any e-mail from PronoContest".


How to join a contest ?

To join a contest, first you need to have confirmed your e-mail address. You can then access to the public open contests, as well as joining a private contest, by providing the private key somebody would have given to you. Alternatively, you can create your own contest as well. All these actions can be done from your profile page.

Can I participate to several contests ?

Yes, you can participate to as many contests as you want to, whether they are public or private. Moreover, it is possible to participate to differents contests about the same competition as well.

How to access the list of contests I am a member of?

When you click on the "Menu" button, your contests is displayed in the "contests" section.

Alternatively, your contests list is displayed on your profile page, under the "Join" tab.

Public and private contests: what is the difference?

Public contests are shown on the contests list page. Access is open to anyone, provided the contest is open.

However, you need a key to join a private contest. The key can be given to you by a contest admin.

Tip : only website admins can create public contests. Private contests can be created by any confirmed user.

Why is my status "On hold" when I join a private contest?

When you join a contest, your membership can be rejected by a contest admin. In this case, you do not participate to the contest anymore.

What is a contest admin and what is his role?

A contest admin has to invite other teams members to join him.He defines the contest's point scale.

There can be several admins in a contest. Moreover, only a contest admin can name another contest member as an admin. In this case, the designated contest.

Tip : when you create a contest, you are its administrator.

How to create my own contest?

Provided that you have confirmed your account, you can create your contest very simply, from the "Create" tab. Just select a competition to forecast on, give your contest a name, and click on the "Create" button.

How to participate to a contest?

To participate to a contest, you just need to click the "Participate" button, which is located in front of the list of competitions, or you can go to the contest page and click on this very same button.

Tip : once a competition is over, you cannot participate to the contest.

How to access the list of contests to which I participate?

When you click on the "Menu" button, your contests' list is shown under the "Contests" section.

Alternatively, your contests' list is displayed on your user profile page.

How to make my predictions ?

You first need to participate to the contest. Once it's done, go to the "Predictions" tab and click on the "Predict" button. On the next page, you can select the matches on which you want to make predictions, by defining the result for both teams.

Can I modify a prediction I have already done?

Yes, you can modify your predictions that you have already made on a game, provided that the game hasn't started yet.

Until when am I allowed to make my predictions?

You can make predictions until the beginning of a game. However, once a game has started, you can't make any more predictions on it.

How can I see other players' predictions ?

You can access other players' predictions for a game and on a contest to which you participate once the game is over.

How is computed a contest's ranking?

Contests' participants are ranked by the following criteria. If two participants are equal on a given criterion, we look at the next criterion to define a winner:

  1. The sum of cumulated points along the contest.
  2. The number of exact results over the contest.
  3. The number of good predictions made over the contest.
  4. The participation date, sorted from the oldest to the newest.

How are the points scales working?

A default points scale is automatically defined when a contest is created, but a group admin can modify it at any time. The points scale defines the number of points given to participants for a prediction when a game is over, depending on the step of the competition in which the match occurs (pools, championship, quarter finals, etc.), and in the following cases : good prediction, bad prediciton, exact result.

  • A Good prediction is given when the game result has been found ('1', '2' ou 'N').
  • On the contrary, a Bad prediction while the game result hasn't been found.
  • An Exact result bonus is given when the exact result has been found (result at the end of the time including prolongations if any).

Game results are defined automatically for your predictions, depending on the number of goals/points you'd have given to each team for the game.

Tip : the result is always taken into account at the end of regular time, and includes goals score during prolongations if there are any. In case of penalties, the match result is a draw.

Tip : if a points scale is changed whereas the competition has started, points for predictions over already finished games aren't re-computed retroactively.

How to leave a contest?

You can choose to leave a contest at any time, by going to the contest's page, "Parameters" tab, and by clicking on the "Leave" button, and after having confirmed your choice. Your participation to the conteest, as well as all your associated predictions are then deleted.

Tip : this action cannot be undone.

Is it possible to bet money on the website?

No, you can't bet money on PronoContest. Nevertheless, we are thinking about something similar for the future.


What are the competitions I can forecast on?

On PronoContest, you can forecast on many of the ongoing major football and rugby competitions : national championships, but also continental and world cups : Ligue 1, Champions Leage, World Cup, Euro, etc.

How are competition games updated?

Games' result is updated automatically when a game is over. The end of a game triggers the computing of points for all underlying predictions on it.

Tip : for rugby competitions, matches are updated by a website admin.

What is the purpose of a competition calendar?

Competitions' calendar are accessible by any visitor from the website's homepage, and allows to know the exact moment when games start.

When the competition is a championship, games are grouped by day.

If in spite of our efforts, your question isn't listed here, feel free to ask us directly.