An ideal operation to

Organize your own predictions contest

For your stakeholders
For your customers
For one of your client's cutomers.

on the sports competition of your choice

Football or rugby
On a international cup, a European championship or trophy

Access advanced features

In addition to the standard version

Login page to a prediction contest. White labeled use of PronoContest.

Visual identity

Replace the graphic elements with yours to fully capture the event.

Add your logo, choose the dominant color and optionally define a background image.

Choose to show or hide the secondary elements of the interface.

Contest access is customized with a URL on behalf of your organization:

Communication tools

Communicate effectively with your employees with our specially made tools.

Invite your collaborators to join the contest with the invitation module and its excel file import function.

Send mass communications from the app to all contest participants to keep them up-to-date with the latest news.

Animate the competition by displaying an HTML banner visible by all and retractable on the pages of the contest.

Preview of the ambiance when your team wins at the predictions game Atmosphere in the office during the world cup
Group classification at the end of the competition Group ranking

Per-team contest

Allow your teams to compete together in the predictions tournament, to consolidate the team spirit.

The group competition may be held in parallel or in place of the individual competition.

Our algorithms give small groups of people the same odds of winning as larger groups.


Increase the stake at the same time as the participation rate by offering prizes for the winners.

List the prizes on the contest page using a description and an illustration image.

Generate a comprehensive settlement easily with the one-click build module.

Showing game rules to participants Rules of the contest
Only users who are eligible can access the contest. Entering prognoses in Enterprise version

Secure and ad-free

The Enterprise version does not contain any advertising.

The application is regularly updated according to the latest encryption and security standards.

Contest registration may be restricted to your company's domain names to further secure access.

Your users' data is never sold to third parties. They will be deleted in full within 30 days after the end of the contest.

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Predictions contest Enterprise
100 user seats
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Direct online activation

 Order your seats online directly for immediate activation of your contest.
 Transactions are secured by the payment solution .
 Multiple purchases are possible, even if the competition has already started.
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