About us


Did you know? The ancestor of PronoContest is an Excel workbook. It has been designed in 2 days while a friend in need gave a call in June 2014. Just in time for the football world cup.
Arguing that a web app would bring much more to the organization of sporting predictions contests, a first version is born in October 2015, for the rugby world cup.
Simple project that became in a few years the sporting predictions app of reference, PronoContest gathers several tens of thousands of players in each great sports competition. To date, more than a hundred customers have already trusted us worldwide.

Founder's word

Adrien Bayles - PronoContest
Adrien Bayles
With PronoContest, I wanted to create a friendly and fun environment, in order to provide a real alternative to classic sports betting applications.
Before then, I have worked in various start-ups in Paris as CRM Manager, CRM Consultant, Webmarketing Manager and Growth Hacker.
I like soccer and beer, but I have never been really gifted at soccer.
I have built the company WebCat in Montpellier, France in 2017. I can work on various web and data projects, from data crawling to CRM and Marketing Automation solutions deployment.
You can find me on Twitter @Adrien_Bayles and LinkedIn .

PronoContest's goals and values

Because PronoContest is just a game and must remain a game.

As there is no money involved, by betting on PronoContest, no one puts his financial health at risk.
Like in any other competition, what is important is to win. But do not forget to have fun, it's important too.
Like any good sport, fair play and courtesy towards opponents must be observed.


PronoContest is a partner of the following sites:

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PronoContest is powered by a variety of Open Source projects:

Laravel is a modern PHP framework, allowing to develop robust web applications and respects the last coding standards.
Semantic UI
Semantic UI is a front-end library which helps at designing fast complex web interfaces.
jQuery is a Javascript library which facilitates HTML pages manipulations within the browser.