Raising users quota


PronoContest has a simple and secure online payment interface to enable you to order the seats needed to activate your Enterprise predictions contest.

To increase the user quota of your predictions contest, first go to the order management page via the "Manage quota" entry of the Actions menu. You land on the order generation screen.

Generating an order

Ordering user seats

In Enterprise version, the first 100 user places are included with the contest. You can add extensions to your order in increments of 100, 500, or 2,000 additional users, so that the number of participants expected for your competition will roughly match the number shown in the box Number of people expected.

Then validate your order after reading the GTC. Your order is generated.

In case of uncertainty about the number of participants, you can decide to proceed in several times. In this case, you will be able to repeat the operation at the desired time, even once the competition has started.

Paying an order

Paying order

The "My Orders" tab gives you access to the list of your current and past orders. Click on the "Pay" button on the line of your current order to display the payment form.

On the pop-in form that appears, fill in your information information (full name and residential address) and your credit card number to proceed with the payment. Transactions are secured with our partner Stripe. Submit the payment form and wait a few seconds for the application to update. When the page is reloaded, the quota of contest users has been updated accordingly.

A summary e-mail containing the invoice corresponding to the transaction is sent to you by e-mail at that time. You can retrieve it later in the list of orders.

All that remains now is to invite your employees to join the contest you have prepared for them.

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