Listing prizes and generating the rules


Setting up prizes to win will increase the participation rate as well as the interest of participants in the contest. For your convenience, PronoContest also allows you to generate a complete settlement in just a few clicks.

To list the lots in play, first enter the settings and set the Prizes box to "Yes". On the main page, a new "Manage prizes" entry appears in the Actions menu list. Follow the link to go to the prizes listing page.

Listing the prizes

Adding prizes to the contest

Add new prizes by simply clicking the "Add" button at the top right of the table.

For each prize, fill in a description and eventually, combine it with an illustration image. Each time, confirm your changes by clicking on the button located on the right of the field concerned.

Each line corresponds to the rank that will win the corresponding prize. So in our example, the person ranked first at the end of the contest will win a PS4.

Once you have made your changes, by returning to the contest page, you can see that the Rules tab now contains a "Prizes" section, in which the prizes are displayed.

The proposed prizes can be for instance:

  • Sports articles (jerseys, balloons, etc.).
  • High-tech products (game console, mobile phone, etc.).
  • Gift vouchers
  • Places to see matches
  • etc.

Generating the rules

Generation of the rules

The second step is to generate the rules of the contest, in order to protect yourself juridically in the event of litigation. To do this, go to the generation page of the rules, using the "Manage rules" entry in the Actions</ em> menu.

A "Useful Information" insert gives you practical tips on managing the settlement. Simply fill in the requested information and activate the regulation display on the contest page, then confirm with the "Save" button. The full text of the regulation then appears. It takes into account your contest's settings, such as how to award points and whether or not predictions on the teams are enabled. You can edit it if needed.

If you change the contest settings after the settlement is generated, you can regenerate it completely in one click with the corresponding button.

Warning: this action must be done manually and will erase any changes you have made to the settlement text since the last generation. You will have to rewrite them if necessary.

By returning to the contest page, the Rules section now contains a "Read full rules" entry visible to all participants.

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