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In the Enterprise version, you can invite your employees in 3 different ways. This tutorial presents in detail the various possible methods.

Once you have activated your Enterprise account and increased the user quota, it's time to invite them to join the contest. For this purpose, 3 ways to do are available to you. 

Sharing the registration link manually

The registration link is only visible to the admins of the predictions contest. It is located on the contest page, under the "Rules" tab, on the "key" line. The key is the password that grants access to your contest. Click the icon to copy the registration link. Then you are free to share this link as you like, for instance, on a page of your works council's website.

The registration link can be broken down as follows:
address of the registration page + "/" + contest key
Which gives for instance this result:

Sending an email from your messaging app

Sending an invitation email

Another possibility is to send a preformatted email from your email software. To do this, go to the contest page, and in the Actions menu, select the entry "Invite by email". Your e-mail software opens, and contains a mail ready to be sent to your colleagues, as in the screenshot above.

Sending a mass email from the app

Guests list to invite to join the contest

The most effective method remains to send a mass invitation to future participants. Access the invitations sending module via the "Invite through the app" entry of the Actions</ em> menu.

The list of your current, scheduled, and sent invitations will appear. Click the "Create" button at the top of the table to generate a new invitation.

Adding guests

Import guests

To add recipients to your invitation message, 2 choices are offered:

  • Manual addition: if your mailing list is for a few dozen people at most. Click the "Add" button to bring up the manual user addition window. Generate as many lines as there are guests and for each line, fill in the name and email address of the person to invite, then confirm your entry.
  • File import: when your list is composed of several tens to several thousand guests. Click the "Import File" button to bring up the import window. An Excel file template to be completed is proposed. Download it if needed. To fill it out, just fill in the name and email address of the people to invite in the corresponding columns, "name" and "email". When your excel file is ready, load it and click the "Import" button to proceed with the import.

The added guests will appear in the list at the bottom of the page. If the import went well, the "Ready" mention is shown under the "Status" column. 

To limit spam, only email addresses that do not correspond to any user of the site and have never received an invitation will receive it. If the address already exists, the guest's status will be marked as "Already existing" and will not receive your invitation. You will have to invite him by other means.

Customizing message

Invitation message customization

The message that will be sent to them is already preformatted, but you can customize it if needed.

To do so, go to the "Messages" tab and check the "Customize" box.

You can change the subject of the e-mail, the language in which it will be sent, as well as the introductory message. Other components, such as invitation link and signature can not be edited. The invitation link is personalized so that the fields "Email" and "Name" are pre-filled when the guest arrives on the contest registration page.

Once your changes have been made, preview the result by clicking on the icon and if you are satisfied with it, validate them with the "Save" button.

Scheduling the invite

Scheduling the invitation message

The last step is to schedule the mailing. Go back to the "Guests" tab and click on the "Send" button. A window will open, allowing either to send the invitation email immediately or to schedule it at a later date.

If you choose to send your invitation at a later date, the time shown is the time according to your timezone, as defined in your user profile.

Once the invitation has been sent, the guests' status will be updated gradually. Thus, you can follow the number of people who registered, directly from this page.

To avoid congestion effects, prefer to schedule the sending 1 to 2 weeks before the start of the competition. In addition, it will allow your employees to get in the mood.

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