Animating the contest


The predictions contest is launched, with its lots of joys and disappointments among the assembly. In this tutorial, we review the different ways to keep your people engaged throughout the competition.

Leading the discussion

Predictions contest feed

The contest feed is a good way for participants and admins to share their impressions and comments.

To give one's opinion on the matches, an intuition on the predictions, or simply to chamber its rivals, the opportunities won't lack!

You can, however, choose to hide the feed completely by going to the contest settings and unchecking Display the contest's discussion feed

When a participant posts a message on the thread, other participants who have enabled such notifications will receive an indication of the number of messages posted since their last visit.

Displaying an announcement

Announcement posted on the contest page

If you have an important message to convey to your audience and want to be sure that no one will miss it, choosing the announcement may be a good idea. Displayed at the top of the page, it will be the first visible element when you arrive on the predictions contest.

To post an announcement, simply go to the contest settings and check "Yes" under the Announcement box. A WYSIWYG editor appears. It allows you to edit your text, including rich text, links and images.

To avoid hindering their visibility, participants can retract this announcement after seeing it, thanks to the button located on the right of box.

Sending an email to the contest members

Sending an email to contest members

Finally, the sending of a mass e-mail to the participants is also possible. One can imagine sending a mail to the participants in different cases. For instance:

  • Before the start of the competition, as a reminder for latecomers.
  • Before each match day, to talk about the rankings and the matches ahead.
  • After the end of the competition, to congratulate the winners.

To do so, go to the corresponding page, via the "Communicate: send an email" entry of the Actions menu.

Just fill in the "Subject" and "HTML Message" fields. The "Number of recipients" field indicates the number of people who will receive your email, compared to the total number of participants. The icon allows you to preview your email before sending it.

When the message is ready, send the mail with the "Send" button, and confirm your choice. The email will be sent within a few minutes.

In order to limit spam, only users who have confirmed their email address and allowed the app to send them emails will receive this kind of email.

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