Managing contest members


Sometimes, some readjustments during the competition may be necessary. The members management screen allows you to reassign a user to a group, designate other admins, or assign bonus points.

First, go to the members management screen via the main menu and the "manage members" entry. Select the member to update with the switch on its table row, then make your changes and confirm with the "Save" button.

If the member does not appear on the first page, you can search for him by writing his name in the "Find" list at the top of the table.

Adding points to a member

Predictions contest's members management

Adding points can be useful in some cases:

  • The user has missed a prediction (for instance, he had announced his prediction before the match but did not save it).
  • The user has somehow cheated, or has not applied a a guideline (and therefore is getting penalty points).

When the number of bonus points / penalty points of a participant is different from 0, this number of points is also displayed in the individual ranking table, in the "Points" column.

Designing other admins

An admin can also designate one or more other admins to replace him. To do this, simply check the box "Admin" located on the line of the selected member.

The creator of a contest is always the administrator. Another administrator can not remove his rights.

Reassigning a participant to a group

Reassigning a member to a group is only possible when the team contest is activated. Otherwise, this column does not appear.

In case of error of a participant when registering, an admin can correct it by reassigning the user to another group.

When bonus/penalty points are awarded or a user is changed from a group to another one, the ranking is automatically recalculated according to the new settings.

Deleting a member

Finally, if someone outside your organization or any other unwanted member suddenly appears in the contest, you can easily remove him from this screen with the button .

Then the member will be excluded from the contest. He will not appear anymore and will not be able to return to it, unless from this screen, an admin chooses to reintegrate him via the button , in the case where for instance, its deletion resulted from an error. In this case, you would probably want to update the contest key, so that this undesirable member does not re-register from a different email address.

In case of doubt, an admin can communicate privately by mail with the member who poses problem by clicking on his name.

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