Creating your Enterprise account


You are a company or an association and would like to organize a predictions contest within your organization? Create your Enterprise account and set it up easily with this comprehensive tutorial.

Account creation

Enterprise account creation on PronoContest

Creating an Enterprise account can be done completely autonomously, or we can create it for you. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

To create an Enterprise account, visit the Enterprise page and click on the "Create an account" button to display the registration form:

  • If you are not already registered as a user, first enter your username and your email address. Only business email addresses are accepted. If you are already registered but with a personal email address, you will need to log out before returning to this page.
  • Then, fill in the name of your company and the competition on which you want to make your predictions contest. For the name, prefer a short version, as it will be used to generate the address on which participants will connect to the contest.
  • Finally, do not forget to confirm the terms of use of the site.

Once the form is sent, your Enterprise account is created and you can now set it up.

Registration settings

Account registration settings

The "Registration" section allows you to control how users access the contest(s):

  • Main contest: this is the current contest, the one whose logo will be displayed on the login and registration pages. By default, this is the predictions contest created at the same time as your Enterprise account.
  • The application allows you to manage multiple contests from the same company account, even simultaneously. To do this, just create your other contests with the "New Contest" button at the top of this section.
  • Users quota: displays the number of people registered in the main contest, as well as the total number of contest slots. The account works in "demonstration" mode at this stage and is limited to 5 people, the time for you to test all the possibilities of the application. If you need help to increase the quota, we can refer to the dedicated tutorial increase the user quota.
  • Restrict users' email to specific domain names: enables you to force your employees to use their business email address. You can allow multiple domain names separated by a comma, as in the screenshot above.
  • Registration link: link to share with your collaborators to join the contest. Click the copy icon to copy the link to the clipboard.

Display settings

Création d'un compte entreprise sur PronoContest

The "Display" section allows you to customize the main elements of the interface, including:

  • The default language: the language in which the user interface will be presented, by default. Users can then change this value once they arrive on the site.
  • The color : it's the dominant color of the different screens of the contest. In general, it corresponds to the main color of your logo. You can select the color with a simple click of the mouse, or for more precision, directly fill in its hexadecimal code.
  • The logo : logo of your organization. Choose it wider than tall and if possible, include the name of the organization, because it will be resized to 80 pixels in height and without width limit.
  • Background image: replaces the image displayed on the edges of the screen, for wide screens. The background image can be a repeating pattern on the page, or a large image covering the entire surface of the screen. When you choose to replace the background image, a set of complementary fields appears, in order to allow you to adjust the way this image is presented to users.

Other settings

Account other settings

The fields displayed in the "Other settings" section correspond to less frequently used parameters, but may nevertheless be useful, depending on your use case:

  • Display account name in page header: if your logo does not include your account name, you can choose to display it in full by checking this box.
  • Access directly to the contest page at login: if checked, users will be redirected directly to the predictions contest page when they sign in, instead of their profile page usually.
  • Change the name of the signature and the logo by those of my account in sent emails: when this box is checked, the logo, colors and signature of notification emails will be replaced by yours. For example, the mention "The PronoContest Team" in the signature will be replaced by "The Name of your account team".
  • Allow users to participate in other contests: useful if some of your users are already registered on PronoContest and want to be able to keep the possibility to participate in other contests, whether in Enterprise version or not.
  • Receive contact requests: when one of your users posts a contact request on the site, you will also receive a copy by email if this box is checked.
  • Display an additional field on the users' profile: this field makes it possible to make inform your users to choose, their office, their department, their job title, or an identifier used internally. By default, this field can be set as mandatory at registration, otherwise, the user is free to fill it or not. Once filled by a user when completing his profile, the information will then be visible on his card in the general ranking table.
    • Field Label: This is the type of information that will be requested when the user completes his profile, as listed above.
    • Type of field: if this field is in text format, the user can complete it by simply writing his answer. If on the contrary it is a list, he will have to select a value among the choices proposed.
    • Field values​​: if the field will be presented as a selection list, we can list the possible values ​​here, separated by a comma.

You have reviewed the overall settings possibilities of your Enterprise account. Now you just have to refine the settings of the predictions contest, so that it matches your requirements.

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