Another player's predictions

Private contests

Invite your friends and colleagues to compete with you on the sports competition of your choice.

It's free and limited to 20 participants per contest.

You can then extend this limit in increments of 20 additional users, or go directly for the Enterprise version.

Alternatively, join a public contest, open to everyone.

Advanced customization

Define your own points scale in case of a good or a bad prediction, and when the exact score has been guessed.

Decide whether prediction shall take extra-time periods into account, or not, and défine a tolerance to exact score on rugby games.

Predict on the teams coming out of the pools, the best attack, the best defense and the winner of the competition to earn extra points.


Live updates on predictions and ranking after each goal scored.

Receive push notifications directly in your web browser or on your mobile phone to get notified about the result.

Do not miss any prediction: receive a summary of your notifications everyday in your mailbox for the events you have selected.

Ranking and evolution

Get a general ranking of all the contest members in a detailed table.

Follow the ranking evolution with the help of an interactive chart and its associated points table.

Games' statistics

View other players' predictions over ongoing and ended games.

Get generic statistics about predictions trends made by all site members before each game.

Competition's teams statistics, as well as its global state, are displayed into dedicated tabs.

But also

Discussion feed between contest members.

Responsive UX, to browse the site easily on mobile devices, and Android app.


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Pronocontest is the best application to prognose on sporting competitions with your friends and colleagues. Compete with your friends in a private contest on the the World Cup and the European soccer and rugby championships.

Bet on the game's result, the score of each team and the outcome of the competition to earn points. At the end, the player with the higher number of points wins the contest.

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